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Last Friday I was invited out to Photograph Michelle and Garys beautiful Hunter Valley Wedding at the Bath House Gardens venue.
It was my first time having worked at this venue and I was eager to sink my teeth into the boundless creative opportunities.
The grounds had been perfectly manicured, the lake sat perfectly still reflecting the marquee that would later host the family and loved ones of the bride and groom.

Once the guests had arrived and found their seats, the ceremony began. Gary and Michelle had wanted to keep the ceremony short and sweet, as they keenly awaited the chance to catch up with their guests and make up for lost time. Once the congratulations had been passed on, I stole the wedding party as we roamed the venue, taking photos and exchanging laughs.

Regardless of all of the rain that the venue had seen in the days prior, we were fortunate enough that the majority of the ground was dry.
Unfortunately, I managed to consistently find the only wet soil on the property and walk our party through it.
After we were all satisfied with the first round of photos, I took Michelle and Gary to a quiet corner of the venue, and suggested they sit for 10 minutes, relax, and share a moment together to process the day so far.
Anyone that has experienced a wedding knows just how quickly the day flies by. I think it is so incredibly important just to take a moment to sit down with your significant other and take it all in.

Once night had started to fall, we set out to take advantage of all the new opportunities the dusk provides. Our first stop was to be the fairly light tunnel. It had however turned out that the fairly lights had shorted out just prior to the wedding, and the owner had not yet had the chance to setup the replacement fairy lights. It was at this moment that the little lightbulb above my head illuminated and I kicked into action. The venue owners were more than happy to humour my idea, as we set down a rug and wrapped the Bride and Groom up in the lights. I could not contain my excitement as I brought the camera up to my eye whilst Gary and Michelle laughed at my ridiculous instructions. After we had completed our rounds on the venue, I turned the newlyweds loose onto the dance floor where they danced the night away.
What an absolutely incredible first experience with the Bath House Gardens.

Hunter Valley Night Wedding Photo Fairy Lights Wedding Photo Hunter Valley Boquet



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