Paragon Digital understands the competitive nature of today’s Real Estate Market, and the importance of standing out in the crowd.
It is through this understanding that we are able to create fresh, modern and unique productions for our clients in a tailor made fashion.
We work closely with the agents of our clients to develop and improve upon the production expectations, and upon quotation can supply a full list of our Photography / Videography services.
Please find below a variety of different examples of recently completed productions.

Vacant Lot / Land

Although compared to other listings the Vacant Lot may be a seemingly simple task, maintaining the highest level of production value is still of the upmost importance.
By combining sweeping aerial shots with wide ground level shots,  prospective buyers are able quickly identify whether the lot suits their wants and needs and further optomises the advertising experience for the agency.

Photography Package

The Photography Package covers all the essentials; Drone Photography, House exterior and House interior all from different angles.
This allows us to accurately show the proportions of the listing in all it’s glory.

Videography Packages

Real Estate Videography is very quickly becoming the industry standard.
The ultimate goal is to create a production that captivates prospective buyers, giving a stylish whilst informative preview of what a listing has to offer.
All productions created by Paragon Digital utilize a range of equipment, styles, editing techniques and licensed audio, ensuring each production offers a fresh and unique method in marketing the listing.


From colours to furniture, to white background or drone superimposition. 
Our floor-plans are completely customisable for any style or setting.