Hunter Valley Wedding Videography

Ceremony and Vows, Reception, first dance, cake cutting and everything in between.

Hunter Valley Wedding videography

We take great pride in creating some of the best cinematic Wedding Videos in the Hunter Valley and the Australian Wedding Industry.
Our silky smooth camera work and dynamic use of angles means our videos are fun to watch, be it your 1st or 1000th time viewing.

We offer 2 different styles of Wedding Videography; The Highlights Wedding Video and the Feature Wedding Video.

Highlights Wedding videography

Our Highlights Video is the best way to relive the day whilst keeping it short and sweet. We take the best bits from your day and jam it all into one action packed sequence. We spend hours to DAYS finding the perfect commercially licensed music to match so you can upload to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or ANYWHERE without worrying about copyright infringement.

christopher & Kirby
Sydney Wedding Videography

Sally & Reece
Central Coast Wedding Videography

Annalise & Daniel
Hunter Valley Wedding Videography

Natasha & Matthew
Hunter Valley Wedding Videography

Kadiesha & Kyle
Forster Wedding Videography
Stevie & Spencer
Hunter Valley Wedding Videography
Taylor & Michael
Hunter Valley Wedding Videography
Stephanie & Jordan
Central Coast Wedding Videography
Ashlee & Blake
Forster Wedding Videography
Charmaine & Dragan
Sydney Wedding Videography

Full Length Wedding Video

The Full Length Wedding Video includes the same cinematic style seen in our highlights video with the addition of the Ceremony and Reception speeches captured in FULL. 

Multiple cameras are used to capture as many different angles as possible, and ensure that at all times a camera is rolling. This video can last anywhere between 30mins to 2hours and above depending on the duration of the Ceremony and the Reception speeches. 

Audio is captured with a variety of different devices depending on facilities available, weather conditions, etc. 
The ultimate goal is to capture audio as crisp and clean as possible. 

All of this combines to create the award winning Hunter Valley Wedding Videography that will be enjoyed endlessly for years to come.

Our Commitment to Wedding Videography

As your Wedding Videographer, our team of professionals will be looking out for those irreplaceable moments over the day that seem to pass so quickly. We aim to keep things fun and light and are not afraid to manage your guests when necessary. Our goal is always to have an absolute blast on the day and ensure that we’re working within our couples comfort zones to capture beautiful moments

 WINNERS in the Hunter Valley Wedding Industry Awards

The Paragon Digital team have been awarded the #1 Hunter Valley Wedding Videographers in the Wedding Industry Awards for 2023.
Receiving this award and it’s recognition has been a great honour for the Paragon Digital Hunter Valley Wedding Videography team and has reinforced our commitment to creating timeless, cinematic wedding videos.

Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer | Hunter Valley Wedding Videographer

Hunter Valley Wedding Videography

Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

One of the most COMMON statements I hear at a wedding  is “The day went so quickly!”. Chances are, you’ve heard this too. 
It’s at this exact moment in time that the Wedding Videographer becomes your knight in shining armour.
The right Wedding Video captures all the big planned moments, as well as catching the smaller, unscripted raw moments and allows the newly married couple to re-live the wedding through a completely fresh set of eyes. 

This experience is irreplaceable.

Now it’s possible we may have a biased opinion on this topic, but after years of creating these videos for our couples, we can’t think of a single reason that you shouldn’t pick Paragon Digital Australia as your Hunter Valley Wedding Videography team!
Click below to compare our prices and find the package that’s perfect for you.

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